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because i wanted to clear out some space + i like making people look at me


This is from like three days ago when I got a haircut. I look solemn because I HATE haircuts.(But not as much as I hate having long hair.)


Like most of the pictures I take, this turned out really blurry and odd. In the flesh it is super cool- a neighbour of mine hooked up a little light projector outside her house and lit it up for Christmas that way. It looks like a beautiful disco galaxy and/or a delicious candy.

no title

I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO READ THIS BOOK FOR SO MANY YEARS YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I finally ordered it online and it is glorious and dishy and everything I ever dreamed it would be. I love that Angie Bowie's way of telling a story is basically explaining who she slept with and whether or not they were sleeping with her husband at the time. Five and a half million Goodreads stars.


This is my face, making a face. My eyes look really green here. They aren't.


This was in the drawing book section of Michaels. And... man. Do they know? Is it deliberate???


This is the street where I live now. It had leaves at one point. Now it has snow.



Two beautiful Hallowe'en signs I found in Dollarama back in October. Picture-worthy because

a) one of the vampire's aliases is Camazotz, like the evil planet from A Wrinkle in Time, and
b) she live in a shoe with black cat.


This is my face back in October. It is round and serious.


My face from September. Less serious, not noticeably less round.


In a mall close to where I live, there is a little vending machine that claims to give out Digimon pins. However, I have wasted many dollars in there and never gotten a damn thing. UNTIL THE DAY I GOT THIS FUCKER. HELL YEAH PATAMON PIN, WHICH I HAVE PINNED TO MY BAG BECAUSE I AM A GODDAMN ADULT.


This is Loki, one of my mother's cats. He does not like closed doors.


I pretty much only like this selfie because it looks like I have a stylish streak of red in my bangs. Alas, it is a trick of the light. I am not actually that stylish.




This is me on a lunchbreak, about to eat some truly hideous pancakes.




From this year's Pride parade. I was mostly there for the dogs.


A sign.


A store downtown sells Insane Clown Posse mints, They are presumably miraculous.


One time at my old job I had to dress up like a bug, for Reasons.


People in Nova Scotia are obsessed with fiddleheads, even though you cannot legally sell them without posting a list of detailed instructions on how to prepare them so they won't kill you when you eat them.


I... have no idea when this is from or why it was taken, but hey! It's my face again!


This is the dress I wore to my graduation! It looked nicer when I was actually wearing it.






PETTING ZOO! BFF and I went to a petting zoo back in May, and there were goats and llamas and one donkey who was super not into it and a baby cow who just wanted to take a nap. And I got to touch ALL OF THEM. A+ day.


My sister told me that I was in charge of buying books for her baby. I took this duty very seriously.


This is a sweater I found. For some reason I did not buy it and start wearing it every single day.


This is a dude whose picture hangs in the building I used to work in. ~blue steel


This is me the night of my kinda prom/end-of-MLIS shindig. I drank other people's wine and then threw up in a cab.



BFF and I went to an art gallery and made MORE art. Top is his, bottom is mine.


Penny and Violet, sittin' in a box.



no title

no title

no title


BFF and I also also went to the Natural History Museum when they had a dinosaur exhibit on. That last picture was taken in the permanent geology exhibit. I was so damn pleased with that pun.

no title
no title

Pictures of my face from... sometime? Winter maybe? I dunno, I looked fly as hell though.

Prom pic of Self and BFF. We are definitely sober here.

no title

This is just a dog I liked.

no title

Hallowe'en day! Definitely not a half assed last minute costume.

no title

I got sick and drank expired NeoCitran. It was a time.

no title

Still sick. No longer on the expired NeoCitran.

no title

I'm just never NOT wearing that hoodie, I guess.

no title

Last summer. In desperate need of a haircut.

no title

Post haircut. Thinking deep thoughts about flannel.

A letter I sent to myself ~in the future, re: graduating. So many emotions!

no title

This was taken a few days after the fire, when I was still living in a hotel. Note the look of exhaustion, as well as the bangin' Communist Party tee.

no title

And, finally, this is me on New Year's Eve, looking like I am going to eat your firstborn child.

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