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I've been locking things more and more recently, so in case you want to friend me here are some things you might want to know!

- Gee, Gerald, Ish, El. Those are the names I use online, with a few others that come and go. You can call me any one of those, or make up your own, or go with "hey you!" for reasons of convenience.

- Racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia make me angry. If you think that poor people are hungry because they're not working hard enough or that women need to shut up and get back in the kitchen or that people of colour should stop being so angry, gosh... you should leave. And maybe smarten the fuck up.

- I'm a feminist. That means that I support horrible things like pay equity and reproductive freedom and Affirmative Action and not being a sexist dickwad. It also means that I can talk for hours about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you think feminism is stupid, we probably won't get along very well. (But hey, there's always Ladies Against Feminism for all your sexist dickwad needs!)

- I'm pro-choice. Totally and completely. If you're pro-life you can still add me- I have a couple of pro-lifers on my flist- but you're going to see the occasional post that you will find objectionable.

- I'm into bandom. I make picspams, I read fic, I even write it sometimes. If RPS squicks you out there might be some posts in here that will bug you, although most of my bandom posts are more along the lines of "their stupid faaaaaaaaaaaaaaces" than "I want so-and-so to sit on so-and-so's dick."

- Having said that, this journal started off as a personal journal rather than a fandom journal, and for the most part it still is. I talk a lot about real life- school, my family (especially my little brother), friends, hobbies, books I'm reading, movies I like, etc.

- I was raised Catholic, but defected when I was in my early teens. I considered myself a Wiccan for a short while, and an atheist shortly after that; right now I probably qualify as agnostic, although I prefer the term "non-theist." Put simply: I don't know if God exists. I'm leaning towards "no," but I really, truly, madly, deeply don't care one way or another because I figure if there is an all-powerful creator of the Universe ze's not going to wink out of existence just because I don't believe in hir.

- I'm Canadian. I don't really talk about that much, but I feel it's an important fact. :)

- I am genderqueer, which means that I don't quite identify as male or female. Or as both, or a combination, or something else entirely. I talk a little more about that here, if you're interested. I use gender-neutral pronouns when referring to myself ("ze" and "hir," as in "gosh, Ish keeps talking about Pete Wentz, ze needs to shut hir mouth"). If that confuses you a simple "they" usually suffices, although some of my friends just mentally assign me a gender and refer to me by the appropriate pronouns.

- Your emo lawn joke isn't funny. No, it's not.

That's all for now. Friend away!
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